Marquette University's Young Americans for Freedom invited Ben Shapiro to speak, and, mirabile dictu, he was able to speak.  "Shapiro, the editor-in-chief of DailyWire.com and the host of 'The Ben Shapiro Show,' spoke for about twenty minutes and then answered questions from a line of liberals and conservatives that stretched the length of the lecture hall."  That's not to say the no-platformers slunk away.
Chrissy Nelson, a program assistant with Marquette University’s Center for Gender and Sexualities Studies, encouraged people in a Facebook post to register for the free tickets and then not show up, a tactic meant to deny students the chance to see Shapiro speak.

During his talk, Shapiro addressed the controversy, calling Nelson “a professional useless person.”

“She said she got that suggestion from one of the directors of diversity on campus as noted before,” Shapiro said. “A little ironic that the director of diversity wants to ensure that people can’t hear diverse points of view.”

The Facebook post has since been deleted, and Angelique Harris, the director of the center where Nelson is employed, said in an interview that Nelson is being reprimanded.
Marquette have a history of suppressing intellectual inquiry.  Let us be grateful that Ms Nelson is being reprimanded, rather than facing firing, or an appearance before the Holy Inquisition.

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