Here is the title of an opinion piece that, as far as I can tell, is not a parody.  "California’s New Bar Exam Format in Conjunction with ABA’s Proposed Bar Pass Standard Will Adversely Impact Diversity, Women and Access to the Profession." Paul "Tax Prof" Caron posted the story, and Mitch "Shot in the Dark" Berg has regular correspondent Rocket J. Squirrel of Frostbite Falls drawing the obvious inference.
Implied message: women and minorities are not as smart as white men

When your best argument against raising standards is that dumb people won’t be able to become bad lawyers, you should sit down and shut up.
His diagnosis is probably not in any Approved Medical Manual. "I sometimes think that liberalism is a byproduct of damage to the brain’s logic center."

Just spell out your indifference curve: at what rate are you willing to substitute diversity for competence?

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