Longtime Passenger Rail advocate and Trains columnist Kevin Keefe remembers the King's Dinner on Illinois Central's Panama Limited.
The fixed-course dinner included a cocktail, fresh shrimp cocktail or crab fingers, a fish course, and a broiled steak, all accompanied by a 13-ounce bottle of Bertolli Vinrosa wine, still a fairly well-regarded brand. For dessert, there was apple wedges with cheese and a choice of liqueur. It must have been quite a meal.

As if you hadn’t already experienced the dedication of the dining-car crew, IC President Wayne Johnston underscored the railroad’s commitment to the train by offering devout thoughts of the day on mealtime cards.
The chicken and rice on Amtrak's contemporary City of New Orleans?  "Pretty good."

Once again, the bean-counters of Washington want to do away with the long-distance trains, and the food service is likely to be called out as a boondoggle.

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