Northern Star columnist Ian Tancun welcomes the return of a College Republicans chapter at Northern Illinois University.
Stereotyping people is a dangerous and destructive practice. Instead of writing people off simply for having an opposing viewpoint, we should be engaging each other in discussions. Even peaceful protests accomplish more than shaming or stereotyping.

“I do appreciate people who have healthy protests. I think it’s very important for people’s voices to be heard, regardless of my own political background,” said Kelly Strauf, vice chair of NIU College Republicans. “Like the women’s march, I thought that was a beautiful thing for women to do. It’s extremely important for their voices to be heard as much as a man’s.”

I support peaceful protests. I support healthy debates. Both are helpful in allowing people to express their opinions and discuss their differences. I wholeheartedly condemn all the negative stereotypes being hurled at Republicans.

As a Democrat, I would not expect to be judged based on the actions or words of Hillary Clinton, even though I voted for her. This misguided belief that all Republicans should be judged for the actions or words of Trump is unacceptable.

The most useful way to combat stereotypes or misinformation is through education. I encourage students to start having open dialogues with people who have opposing viewpoints and discuss the differences. It is through this process that these unjustified stereotypes can be discarded and progress can be achieved.

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