That's something we've been following for years, attempting to be optimistic despite offering ample evidence of what has been lost.  It's not rocket science.  "Frequency, connectivity, convenient times, reliable schedules. Build it and the riders come."  And there are other possible corridors in the Upper Lakes.

But with Our President proposing a transportation budget with no money for long-distance Amtrak trains, can this be true? Republican Proposes Funding for New Chicago-Twin Cities Passenger Rail Line.  Red Wing legislator Barb Haley, to be specific, and the funding she proposes is for a study (sorry, dear reader, I'm perpetually cynical about studies.)

In the early days of Amtrak, there were two day trains between Chicago and the Cities, put together with whatever was in the coach yards.

Milwaukee, 26 November 1971.

In those days, the service included a dome coach, a full dining car, and a parlor car.  And some snappy running on The Milwaukee Road's racetrack across Wisconsin and along the west bank of The Father of Waters.

Is it too much to ask for some Horizon Fleet coaches and a Business Class car?

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