What is it about midwestern chapters of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, anyway?
The [Northwestern suspension} comes less than a month after Loyola University in Chicago suspended its SAE chapter for three years following reports of alleged hazing.

The sanctions against the NU chapter also come less than one year after officials at University of Wisconsin at Madison suspended their SAE chapter for about six months following allegations of racist, anti-Semitic and anti-gay behavior.
The Northwestern chapter were already on probation, which is the kind of administrative sanction that calls for a really futile and stupid gesture.
Northwestern's SAE chapter was first placed on probation in fall 2016 for serving alcohol to minors, [university spokesman Bob] Rowley said. Under those disciplinary terms, which stretched into the 2017 calendar year, the fraternity was not to host social events.

However, "with blatant disregard of the terms of that probation, SAE planned and hosted social events with alcohol in January 2017," Rowley said.

In February, Northwestern sent out an all-campus alert that four women allegedly were drugged and, of those, two possibly sexually assaulted at a Jan. 21 party at the SAE house. While university officials ultimately decided not to pursue disciplinary action for the alleged drugging or assaults, they and fraternity leadership launched separate investigations into other potential violations, university officials previously said.

Rowley declined to comment Monday on whether the January party mentioned in the drugging and assault allegations was the same party at which minors were served alcohol.
Decorum prevents further description.  There are further Animal House references in the comments.

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