Thus, in a special Congressional election in Georgia, we are going to see Democrats trashing a woman for daring to have the wrong politics.
Karen Handel, best known outside of Georgia for resigning from the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation amid a national uproar caused by her decision to end the organization’s grants to Planned Parenthood. (She is the author of a book titled Planned Bullyhood.) The vote is June 20, and it will be an uphill climb in an area when Republicans outnumber Democrats.
The apostate must be sent into internal exile, and in Michelle Goldberg's eyes, there's a growing resistance in Old Dixie.
Nearly overnight, progressive organizing has become the center of social life for thousands of previously disengaged people in the area. Whether or not the movement is enough to swing this election, Republicans may never again be able to win local offices here without a fight. And the intense activity in the 6th District is a sign of how the anti-Trump resistance is building a new, locally rooted progressive infrastructure nationwide.
The resistance even extends to the Republican primary, in which Mrs Handel merits mention as "least associated with the president."  I think that used to be a mainstream Republican.

The Democrat's great hope?  A carpet-bagging beta male.

We have much to look forward to.

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