John Kass, scourge of Chicago's Combine, notes that Donald Trump feeds off the scorn of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.
Yeah, I know what you're thinking. You see their smirks and those six bloody elbows between the three of them, and you figure this is no relationship.

But it is a relationship that works for the president because they keep bringing up his favorite subject. And it works fine for Barack and Hillary because it fills their egos with a mighty wind.

It just doesn't work for the Democratic Party.

It is a relationship that benefits Trump, because every time Obama or Clinton open their mouths, America is reminded of what was rejected in 2016 -- Clinton's presidential hopes and Obama's dreams that she'd keep his legacy intact.

Trump doesn't much want to talk about Washington Republicans peeling the skin off his populism. They've been peeling Trump the way a crafty TV hillbilly might peel an apple, sitting on a porch swing, telling stories in a bad sitcom with a pig named Arnold and canned laughter.
But then he turns to the new presidential library in Hyde Park, and Hillary's favorite Russian fairy tale.  "When she announced, in that chirping voice, that she'd come out of the woods, I tried not to think of a tiny hut on chicken feet, magically moving from glen to glen."

Birch twig broom wipe server clean!

It's not that we weren't warned.  And the dubious policies of the pleasant Mr Obama left the country in a state that was receptive to Mr Trump's message.

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