Deion Kathawa recently mustered out of Michigan, dismayed that his classmates haven't learned much.  But what else would you expect, when playing with ideas becomes problematic?
Given their moral, intellectual, and social journeys, then, it is not quite so shocking that they understand themselves to have entirely legitimate grievances and are accordingly motivated to act in extreme ways against what they see as the specter of normalized bigotry’s reasserting itself.

Many left-wing students are also utterly incapable of fathoming that their political opponents disagree with them in good faith.
What did you expect, dear reader, when the Frankfurt School and deconstruction invalidate the notion of a truth?

The article suggests that higher education has reverted to its faith-based origins.  It's not so much about playing with ideas, it's about identifying and excommunicating heretics.  I've seen that perception elsewhere, and hope to elaborate on it in upcoming posts.

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