Gender is a social construct, but reconstructive surgery is problematic.  Or something.
[Wisconsin Capitol protestor Thistle] Pettersen is now engaged in a radical leftist civil war. Pettersen is attempting to sue The Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice for defamation. A Go Fund Me site started to help Pettersen fund the suit says a February statement from the WNPJ “resulted in hundreds of comments and private messages aimed at harming Pettersen’s reputation and sense of well-being as a community member, as well as denouncing her participation at an environmentalist event that she was a key organizer for.”
What did the snowflake do to provoke a meltdown from the Perpetually Aggrieved?  "She identifies herself as a Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist (TERF) and promotes these views publicly."  That puts her (she doesn't go as xe, xys?) as (gasp!) agreeing with cultural conservatives, if only for reasons that are subtle.

It's not about toying with ideas.  It's about wanting to be able to work the subversives over in Lefortovo.  Losers.

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