Highlights from a recent visit to Illinois Railway Museum.

Two Milwaukee Electric composite interurban cars, rebuilt at Cold Spring Shops from deck-roofed cars that looked like big streetcars into cars that looked more like mid-1920s interurbans, remain in preservation.  (There is at least one more car body, being used as a vacation house in Grand Bend, Ontario, but it's in rough shape.)

Coach 1129 (the 1111 designation is a museum member's idea of a sight gag) looks good externally, here under roof but poking into the sunlight, the way they used to do at the Public Service Building.

Parlor Car Menominee 1135, which for years was with 1129, has been moved elsewhere on the museum grounds (to get some stabilization work done?)

The Electroliner rebuilding project continues, here work motor D-13 couples to a tavern-lounge section to move it to Cold Spring Shops for work.

Exaggerating, only slightly.  The work motor often occupies the same storage track as the 'Liner, and 'Liner cars are being moved, one by one, to the electric car shop.

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