If you're a member of a fraternity, you're likely dealing with the higher education establishment's scorn.  Or perhaps their contempt: you're deplorable, or irredeemable.  Here's Professor Althouse, about to engage the legalities.  "Examples of anti-male talk that the shapers of campus speech should address: 'toxic masculinity,' 'testosterone poisoning,' 'frat boy,' 'bro.'"  If they're going to treat you with contempt, perhaps laughter, as the Fijis at Galesburg's Knox College engage in, is the only possible response.
Several Knox College fraternity brothers have reportedly been punished after they loudly played the song “Proud To Be An American” as student activists marched against sexual assault.

Earlier this month, Knox College’s Students Against a Sexist Society organized a Take Back the Night march, part of a national campaign that raises awareness about rape.
Fiji's leadership have already begun their constructive self-criticism.
In a statement released to the Knox Student, the fraternity said that “brothers involved partook in a minor act of ignorance towards marchers walking and yelling directly at our house.”

The statement also mentioned that these members “had been subject to disciplinary action,” the Knox Student said, but it’s unclear what that punishment entailed.
Never mind that hard-three hedgehogs social justice warriors apparently have carte blanche to walk past fraternity houses and yell at the residents therein.  The fraternity members have not been sufficiently indoctrinated.
Knox College’s Phi Gamma Delta fraternity, commonly known as “FIJI,” has been actively involved sexual-assault prevention, the Knox Student noted. Working with the Title IX office and the director of Multicultural Student Advisement, it has held several events about rape, consent, and sexual violence. All members have also completed training about sexual assault.
Perhaps the diversity hustlers are incompetent, and they're rendering ineffective training. Turf them out.

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