Truth to tell, you can find just about any kind of Mexican (or Central American, or Caribbean) food in Chicago, at any level of extravagance, in any kind of atmosphere.  But the division of labor is different in metropolitan areas.
As we can see, the largest cities in the country dominate this list. Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles hold the top three positions. Cities on the list are from all over the country, though there is an abundance of cities from the Southwest (especially Texas).

This list is a bit disingenuous though, and I’ll explain why. As we said at the beginning, we are looking for the cities with the most Mexican food - when I hear that, I think of independently owned restaurants or smaller chains. This list above includes many fast food and fast casual chains that many taco/burrito enthusiasts would not consider authentic, for example, Taco Bell.
But the enthusiasts know where to look, or they develop their own local knowledge.

And the article (via Marginal Revolution) hasn't considered the taco trucks.

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