Put it in every youngster's bag of tricks.

Joanne Jacobs:
Of course, social confidence can be learned as an adult. Kids need access to safe, orderly schools staffed with competent teachers using a content-rich, structured curriculum. The students whose parents can’t help with homework, hire a tutor, pay for computer camp, etc. need good schools the most.
Just go read it. While you're there, read this.  "Progressive [c.q.] educators are reluctant to do this .... They validate the home culture and language, refusing to teach students the “codes” that allow success in the larger society." That's from this longer essay.
But the idea that American schools should explicitly familiarize children—especially those from other countries, cultures, or traditions—with a uniform body of knowledge in elementary and middle school falls upon contemporary ears as awkward, anachronistic, even inappropriate. We are far more likely to honor or even revere a child’s home language, culture, and dialect. But we must seriously consider the possibility that this well-meaning impulse is quite wrong for all the right reasons.
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