It's not quite as obvious on a night satellite view as the Demilitarized Zone separating the Koreas, but that might change.  Board a northbound Hiawatha and find a window seat on the east side of the train.  Finish your coffee and start looking out the window just beyond Abbott Park.  You'll see a few houses, Gurnee, a few horse farms, a parking lot full of empty trailers.  There's a biker bar on the inside of a curve just before the Cheddar Curtain, then empty wetlands.  Immediately north of the Cheddar Curtain come the warehouses, including Amazon and Uline, factories including a chemical plant, and a large generating station.  A number of these facilities still have rail connections.  And additional commercial and industrial construction is in progress beyond.  Somewhere in this space will be the Wisconn Valley complex, assuming it gets built.

Entering Milwaukee, you'll see a number of tannery buildings repurposed as lofts: some of these even offer balcony views of the tracks.  (The premium balconies face the river.)  And Northwestern Mutual have a new office tower under construction.

What, you were expecting an architecture tour?  Ach, du Lieber!  I'm here for this:

A proper German festival begins with the ceremonial tapping of the first keg.  Followed by a few choruses of Ein Prosit!

Now, perhaps you've seen Matt "Dean Dad" Reed's objections to Our President suggesting upstate New Yorkers migrate to Wisconsin, where the jobs are.  "Um, not okay."

Fair enough, Matt, but I'll see your white hot and a Genny Cream and raise you a Usinger Brat with(*) and a Sprecher Black Bavarian.  In a liter glass.

Yeah, that's from last year.  Milwaukee is the city where you hand the rider out the window on Friday the bus pass that is good until Saturday.  Same principle applies to your liter mug.  That's eight bucks for more beer.

And it's Spanferkl time.  Sauerkraut, proper Kartoffelsalat, cold, black bread.  You don't have to do something ironic like "garbage plate."  Just slice 'em up and serve 'em up.  With, of course, your liter mug.

And wonderful, lower temperatures near the lake, and fireworks after sunset.

Yes, you can fill your liter mug with Coors Light or Miller Lite (that's all the same company now) which is what the visiting Chicago Cub fans were doing.  They'll have plenty of opportunity to be socialized into proper Wisconsin ways once the taxes and the Wisconn Valley jobs bring them to the prosperous side of the Cheddar Curtain. Moin, moin!

(*)With means sauerkraut and Düsseldorf mustard.  The concessions make an effort to accommodate flatlanders with that yellow French's glop.  Their money is still good.

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