The oh-so-intellectual left seems to be catching on that they have a perception problem.

But are they doing much to work that problem?  No, according to Don Surber.  "Democrats hate the middle class." He's referring to the New Left, and their intellectual heirs, but that's the bunch that have been taking over the Donks since 1969 or so.

Even an attempt by a confessed participant in the Resistance, Andrew Redlawsk, comes off as tone-deaf.
The folks who voted for Trump are by and large people who see progressivism, and specifically concepts like political correctness and intersectionalism, as an attack on all of those deeply held feelings of what America "is." To them, our movement is an assault on their Field of Dreams. They're afraid of losing their (yes, white and Christian) America in the tidal wave of cultural shifts that have occurred over recent decades.
That starts off badly: it might be no more complicated than, as Joan C. Williams suggests, it's less about tranny potties and main street mosques than it is about the superior attitudes of the professional and managerial elites.  From that perspective, the thought that follows is superfluous (and misleading).
Is calling them racist going to change that? Is calling them bigots going to do it? Hateful? Monsters? Ignorant? Uneducated? Privileged? We don’t have to agree with it, but we have to attempt to understand it.
The problem, though, is that "land of opportunity," let alone Field of Dreams, are micro-aggressions in the latest Snob Manual of Style.  Thus Mr Redlawsk might take more incoming from Team Proglodyte for this.
The only way The Resistance succeeds is if we fundamentally change our tactics. We must realize that the way into these hearts is to respectfully suggest that the causes we fight for actually align with their deeply held patriotism and love for America. That yes, our marginalized communities may look different and speak a different language, but they want all the same things you do, and they want to have them in this incredible country we've built together. They also want to have their Field of Dreams. That’s why they came here in the first place! And isn't it the American Way to do everything we can to give them that opportunity?

But what this also means is that we as progressives need to stop getting so offended by everything and learn to put ourselves in others' shoes. All of our experiences — conservatives and progressives alike — give us unique perspectives, and it is absolutely unhelpful to say things like "it's not our job to teach you" when someone comes to us with questions.
Assimilation is an emergent phenomenon, Mr Redlawsk, and perhaps it's best to pipe down about privilege and cultural appropriation and the rest of the foolishness.
It may not be fair, but progressives must be willing to put aside their anger and hate and take responsibility for creating the change they wish to see in the world. To vilify, shame and condemn only causes those who don't understand to dig in their heels. If we are the ones who want change, the responsibility is ours to do what it takes to encourage it.

To summarize: Progressives, stop insulting, stop shaming, and stop condescending. Start listening. Start teaching.
Right, but without the scolding, hectoring, patronizing, and condescending, what do they have?  That's right, Vox is gonna Vox.  Hilarious.

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