That's too bad, as Venezuela's latest attempt to deal with the food desert their country has become (thanks to the miracles of socialism) is to encourage citizens to breed rabbits.

The problem, dear reader, is that the citizens are struggling with a choice Michael Moore made a movie about.  Pets, or meat?

You can enter your rabbits at the county fair.

Kane County Fair, 2006.

You can warn spectators that your bunnies are always looking for a handout.

DeKalb County Fair, 2017.

You can provide information about what those bunny ears mean.

Sheboygan County Fair, 2017.

You can dress 'em up and have a fashion show.

Walworth County Fair, 2013.

You can let city kids pretend that they, too, are bunny farmers.

Walworth County Fair, 2015.

And sometimes you can treat your rabbits like a cash crop.

Boone County Fair, 2011.

I recall attending the Kendall County Fair a few years ago and observing packets of rabbit jerky on sale in the rabbit building.  Probably a good thing bunnies can't read.

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