Hillary Clinton's ill-advised remarks in India continue to inspire scorn.

Ben Shapiro, "Democrats wonder why they had trouble winning Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin."  With supporting logic.
Married women vote differently than single women not because of pressure from their menfolk but because they often have children, value family over career more than single women, and are older than single women on average.

But here's the point: Clinton represents a nasty, vengeful take on populations she has trouble winning over. That nastiness has filtered through the Democratic Party, which is firmly convinced that it'd be better off drilling down into population groups it thinks are interested in tearing down the system along with them than reaching out to populations it has lost. If Democrats continue with that quest, they'll alienate the very voters who gave Trump victory in 2016.
For "tearing down the system," read "create a third world country along Californian lines."

Jim Treacher never lacks for work.  "Even her fellow Democrats are now begging her to shut her stupid trap and stop making life tougher for them."  He's less than impressed with the clarification she subsequently issued.
What she clearly said out loud wasn't what she actually meant, and if you didn't like it, you can choke on her rambling, unconvincing excuse. She meant no disrespect when she accused you of hating black people and women and Indian-Americans. She had the best intentions when she said you were everything that's wrong with America. She was defending you!
Precisely. It is the role of the Anointed to be the Nurturant Parent. It's for your own good.

Sorry, no.
If you want me to stop talking about Hillary, try convincing her to take up another pastime that doesn't involve speaking in public. If she's going to keep spouting this nonsense where people can hear her, she's fair game. I can't stand the sound of her voice, but the resulting lamentations of the Democrats are music to my ears. They couldn't drag her over the finish line, and now they can't get her to shut up about it.
Finally, Victory Girls compare Herself with the kind of weak student who couldn't write a coherent paragraph to save her grade, but thinks the professor has infinite time to listen to "But I really meant to say ..."
I have to say, definitely not offended by Hillary’s remarks. I’m laughing because she really can’t help herself! Seriously, she’s said and meant crap like this for YEARS. She meant it during the campaign when she called voters Deplorables. She meant it when she slammed stay at home moms with her baking cookies remarks during Bill’s first Presidential campaign. So, no what she says now, she meant exactly what she said in India. In other words,

‘I said that, but you deplorables and misguided women just don’t have the brains to understand what I really meant.’

Hillary as you continue your worldwide whine fest tour, let me give you something to think about. Many Deplorable women, including myself, know exactly who is to blame for not voting for you. Look in the mirror for your answer if you dare.
If that be lookism, make the most of it!

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