If you can't find one in full scale, you might be able to find one in model form.
Piece by miniature circus piece, Ned Kronberg painstakingly arranges the “smallest show on earth.” The collection of tiny tents, lions and elephants, circus performers and spectators has taken the White Bear [Minnesota] ringleader a lifetime to compile.

In celebration of Manitou Day's railroad theme, 81-year-old Kronberg shared part of his miniature circus June 16 at City Hall. His parade display was equivalent to 11 city blocks and included an assortment of model rail cars that would have moved a traveling circus.

It took him three hours to set up and half that time to take down.
I've seen this display at Baraboo, when the miniature modellers set up in the wagon pavilion.

Circus modellers, including Mr Kronberg, work closely enough with the itinerant circus to advocate for their full scale counterparts.
Today, there are about 25 circuses left in the United States and they travel by truck, Kronberg said. “The animal rights people have done a good job closing them down,” he maintained. “We hope in time people realize that circuses take good care of their animals and they return.”

The City Hall display was co-sponsored by the White Bear Lake Area Historical Society and the Area Chamber of Commerce, headquartered in the old White Bear railroad depot.
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