The Fox River Trolley Museum could still use your help repairing the damage to several of its cars.

It was a gorgeous, if humid, Saturday, for riding the electric cars.  Pictures below the jump.

Saturday, as promised, home road car 304 was operational for the South Elgin River Fest, which was taking place two blocks to the north.

The seating was also recently restored, prior to the vandalism, the window replacement project was ALL HANDS to be ready this morning.

One of these days I should do a post just on transit advertising cards.  Looking up a radio repair service in the Yellow Pages?  The downside of contemporary solid-state electronics is that fixing it isn't cost-effective.

The oldest operable interurban car in the country was also receiving passengers.

At the forest preserve, the floor-height platform even includes a bit of Third Rail Division technology, the better to let freight cars get through.

A home-road car on its original rails in preservation, and the oldest operable interurban.  How about a street railway postal car?  Imagine sorting the letters while the car is making its way through the streets of Chicago, or dropping off a letter as the car passes by to be delivered to grandmother across town the same day.

Yes, museum volunteers are still replacing glass on this car.

One of the newer cars in the collection, Third Rail Division 458, came back from Cleveland in rough shape, calling for a roof replacement.  The vandalism to its windows revealed structural decay that will also have to be put right.

The Third Rail Division wood car is also receiving attention.  Railroad preservation efforts require money, time, and patience.

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