Kurt Schlichter asks, So, What Are The Rules Anyway?

His summation: "I think there actually are no rules anymore. I think the elite is so terrified it is losing its power that it is tossing out the foundations of the society it is supposed to organize and manage, that is, the rules. I think our elite actually does not believe in rules, that their attempts at enforcing the rules are merely a grift designed to jam up Normals and provide a way to keep them in line."

That's not going to end well.

Jill Richardson, who probably would not get along with Kurt Schlichter on anything, observes, "If we taught men better ways of 'being a man,' we wouldn't have to teach women to cover their drinks."

Yes, her notion of "better ways" is laced with soy, and yet, her conclusion reads, "Maybe if we raised men to feel their full range of emotions, to feel confident in their manhood without violating women, and to respect the boundaries of others, we wouldn’t have to teach women to use the buddy system and watch their drinks."

The essence of the bourgeois norm is "respect the boundaries of others."

Fifty years of tearing the boundaries down and calling it social progress gets high school yearbook entries read into the Congressional Record, and not in a good way.

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