It's not as fraught as the train-wreck the Democrats made of the Kavanaugh nomination, but it's playing out the same way.
It has come to our attention that one of the recently elected candidates for office of the American Economic Association is the subject of allegations, being accused of creating a hostile work environment.   Neither the Nominating Committee, nor the Executive Committee knew of such allegations at the time of nomination.   We also believe that few of the members knew of the allegations at the time of the election.

We take such allegations seriously, but they are, at this point, just allegations.  While the home institution will neither deny nor confirm the existence of an investigation, we understand that one is underway, and may come to some conclusions in the not too distant future.   We have decided that, before proceeding further, we should wait for those conclusions, if they are made public and they come within a reasonable amount of time.  If not, we shall reexamine our position.

One conclusion we already draw is that, in the future, we shall ask potential nominees if they are the subject of an investigation.  This will help avoid such situations going forward.
Inside Higher Education has more, including the name of the latest Brett Joseph K.

Given the propensity of Student Affairs types to investigate people on the flimsiest of claims, we're likely to see professional jealousies manifesting themselves in the nomination of people to high positions in the disciplinary associations through the strategic creation of accusations.  I'd be delighted to be shown wrong about this prediction.

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