It took 163 games, and the final regular season flag hoist at Wrigley Field is the Blue Lima.

The Cubs will host the wild-card game tomorrow, and they may not be happy about the Brewers celebrating their division title on Wrigley Field after celebrating their playoff clinching win in St. Louis.

That said, as long as Milwaukee wins and keeps playing, they have home field for the divisional and league series.

This morning, WTMJ reported a lot of Brewer fans on the trains.  There will likely be a lot of happy riders returning home.  The radio report notes a lot of Brewer fans still in the stadium, hope they know the last train out is relatively early in the evening.

This is the first time in my memory that I recall WTMJ moving coverage of a Packer game to their FM affiliate in order to cover a Game 162 of the baseball season.  The Packers defeated Buffalo, 22-0, but two touchdowns, a missed conversion, and three field goals mean a quarterback controversy -- in Titletown??

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