A Milwaukee Brewer win Sunday clinched no worse than a tie for the Central Division regular season.  The Cubs also won, thus there's extra regular season baseball in Chicago at noon today.

At stake: winner has home field advantage in any series going forward; loser hosts the one-game wild-card playoff.

The announcers on flagship station WTMJ were advising fans that the 8.05 Hiawatha ex-Milwaukee (8.15 at the airport station, which is conveniently close to the expressways) would get fans to Union Station with plenty of time to get to Wrigleyville.

Sorry, there's no Traveler with a lunch-lounge car on the service.  I'm showing my age, that's the historic 7.40 departure of train 24, an 80 Minute Train that was one of the last two corridor trains on The Milwaukee Road with a bar car.

Enjoy the game, but bring your own adult beverages along.

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