Might be time for Green Bay Packer president Mike Murphy to have a "come to Jesus" moment between head coach Mike McCarthy and Danica Patrick's buddy Aaron Rodgers.
There aren’t two people in the organization who hold the fate of the 2018 season in their hands more than Rodgers and McCarthy. If there is more between them than a simple disagreement, if there is a rift, then Murphy should step in.

Rodgers just might have been speaking out of frustration Sunday after the game when he called the offensive performance in a 22-0 victory over Buffalo “terrible” and questioned the game plan. But it appeared he was also sending a message through the media to McCarthy that things aren’t right.
Defensive ineffectiveness in the Minnesota and Washington games, offensive ineffectiveness in the Minnesota and Buffalo games, both in Green Bay: yes there is a problem.

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Rodgers must hold up his end of the bargain, too. He’s 34 years old and whether he admits it or not, his physical skills are diminishing. Significant injuries each of the last two seasons have limited his impact during that span. He has missed more easy throws this year than any time in recent memory.
Yup. We went through the same thing a half century ago with Bart Starr.

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