Jay Cost, "Progressives Suddenly Sound Like Constitutionalists."  Not, he notes, out of any sudden rediscovery of the wisdom of the Framers, but wasn't the point of enumerated, limited, and separated powers to prevent tyranny by a majority?

That's likely not what devotees of Governance by Wise Experts are thinking.
I doubt we shall see any “strange new respect” coming from progressives for our constitutional regime. Indeed, modern progressivism’s defining methodology is that it wants to do away with much of our old system of governance. This is as central to the ideology as the desire to improve the welfare of the common man (who were the primary concern of the Jacksonian Democrats, who were extremely sensitive to violations of the constitutional order). Rather, I expect progressives, for now, will not connect the dots between their current frustrations with being out of power and the virtues of a constitutional system that limits the powers of majorities. But once return to political power, they will declare that the perfect order has once again arrived.
That's what makes judicial review valuable. Plus Militant Normals who vote.

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