David "Voluntary Xchange" Tufte expands on our report that the Wise Experts at Oakland University (if they called it Michigan State University at Troy you could have the Trojan Spartans I suppose) issued students with hockey pucks, yes, hockey pucks, as a way of deterring active shooters.

Just go, enjoy it.  A sample.  "Wouldn’t a baseball be better than a puck, on a purely aerodynamic basis? Better range? Higher accuracy?"  Go and read.

Back in the day, I used to put my body in the way of pucks.  When they're powered by somebody who knows how to use a hockey stick, they pack a wallop.  But they're lousy projectiles: either a baseball, because it's symmetric, or a manganese steel Frisbee, because it's aerodynamic and hardened, would be more effective at longer ranges.

Years ago I asked, "Is anybody in charge at Oakland?"  Apparently the answer is "Terminally Stupid People."

I wonder if the Oakland students will bring their pucks with them when they venture into Detroit for a night in Greektown or at the casinos or at a hockey game.

One concluding note: another question from Voluntary Xchange.  " Oakland has chosen to poorly arm a broader group, rather than to better arm a smaller group … work out the calculus on whether that’s a good choice or not."

Northern Illinois University has prior experience with active shooter situations, and their response includes a smaller group of people who might be armed.  "There are sufficiently many veterans and twenty- and thirty-something students here that the signature of an undercover officer will be difficult to pick up."

As far as I know, the only university-issued hockey pucks here are for the latest intercollegiate sport.

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