A recent issue of New York's Times blurbed their online job listings.  "Run away and join the circus.  For real."  The listing is for a Circus Transportation Supervisor.

I did not investigate further as the searches require job-seekers to upload a resume and other contact information, which only makes sense.

It's likely that these days a Circus Transportation Supervisor ought be conversant with movement permits, perhaps with maintaining special vehicles, and possibly with hiring-in rigs and drivers.

I wonder if such a person also has the opportunity to serve in vehicle maintenance during the winter.

That's the rationale between my current business cards, which list me as Wagon Shop Superintendent and Train Master for the Karlson Brothers Circus.  In the model circus world, you can still run trains and show elephants.

Find yourself a circus and go to it.

Next Karlson Brothers exhibition will be in Baraboo, the weekend Circus World opens.

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