It's been a productive winter building the State of Maine Northern.  There's enough track in place that it's now possible to model the New Haven delivering interchange cars.

The track where the State of Maine Northern leaves cars for interchange to the New Haven will occupy space in the background.

In addition, the steel mill trackage on the lower level is in place (the high line to the blast furnace is quite a project) and for Open Days during the March Meet visitors were able to switch out the steel mill.

There has to be an idler car between the locomotive and any bottle car.  The outward New Haven interchange train is in the background.  I still have plans to include smoke in those smokestacks.

Once the March Meet ended, construction resumed.

Left to right: the High Car route (a way for trains to get from staging to the north side of Salem, Mass.); the inward and outward tracks of the Saugus Branch, here tacked down as the glue sets up; the inward and outward tracks of the Eastern Route Main Line of the State of Maine Northern; the interchange tracks between Midvale Maritime Steel and the State of Maine Northern.

Speaking of Midvale Steel, an improvised large tank car for transporting coal tar.

That's just after I finished lettering it.  Work tables are sometimes cluttered.

Recently, O Scale Resource visited the railroad.  Their write-up is in the March-April 2019 issueThis link might get you directly to the write-up.  Enjoy.

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