San Diego State freshman Jermelle McLeod suggests "toxic masculinity" has become too broad a category to be useful.  His classmates, sometimes including people who disagree in full, or in part, are not ready to march him to the scaffold.
“A lot of kids were surprised that somebody [was willing to actually say it]. I found out that mostly, even if they didn’t like what I said, they still liked that I said it anyway.”

Asked why he thinks masculinity is under attack, he said it’s an attack on individualism.

“Masculinity is the application of four traits. Courage, mastery, honor and strength,” MacLeod said. “It’s under attack because all those things are inherently individualistic, and they go against a lot of what is being preached nowadays, which is fearfulness, sensitiveness, timidity, and it’s the exact opposite of what’s being pushed right now.”

And he’s pushing back — even in class.

“The teachers usually just nod in silence, the students kind of raise their eyebrows and look at me weird,” he said.

At the end of the day, it’s a broken narrative.

“Because it’s a misunderstanding of what masculinity is,” MacLeod said. “Nowadays [masculinity] seems to be mixed with sexual assault on campus, so most people immediately assume that masculinity is the cause of all of these rapes and whatnot, even though it’s not. It’s a misunderstanding of [masculinity] that cause all of these issues.”
I wonder if they're reading their Emerson at San Diego State.
As for his decision to broach toxic masculinity in the pages of The Daily Aztec, it was a “buildup of things,” he told The Fix.

“It was a mixture of the leftist pressure on campus,” he said. “It was a mixture of the fact that the APA is pretty much saying that anything that is not feminine is toxic.”

MacLeod was referring to a decision earlier this year by the American Psychological Association to offer guidelines calling “traditional masculinity” harmful.

“And most importantly,” he added, “it was the fact that any man who goes against the grain is shamed for doing so, so they lose their sense of individuality and they’re forced to succumb to the nonsense that the left is putting out.”

MacLeod will not be shamed, even in the face of backlash, he said. His column prompted an angry letter to the editor and more.

“There was obviously that whole letter to the editor, which was a response, then there were a lot of nasty messages on Twitter and Facebook,” he said.
The non-conformist remains a moral and productive person, seeking to persuade by changing minds rather than to frighten by ending lives.

A century-plus of enlightened thinking fails to improve.

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