On D-Day, Dwight Eisenhower was General in Command and Walter Cronkite was a war correspondent.  (He had some interesting stories to tell.  Do your own research.)

Twenty years after the Normandy landings, the general was President Emeritus, and the correspondent fancied that he could tell people "that's the way it is."  They took a stroll through  the Normandy American Cemetery.

Yes, the television news footage from remote locations was still in black and white, and sometimes still footage.

In the lands set free, the descendants of the people who were liberated (which did not come easy either for the landing forces or for the residents) still get it.  "If you’re ever fortunate enough to make this trip to see these places, a pride and awe of the United States will wash over you that is overwhelming, awe inspiring, and often tear jerking." Indeed.

That is all.

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