It's going to take more than a nickel's worth of advice from Lucy Van Pelt to help the vanguard of today's Young Socialists.

Power Line found the puzzle and the piano and the stamp collection all kicked around over the format of questions.

Victory Girl Lisa Carr has a few more excerpts, plus just about the right amount of snark.
I don’t know which aspect of this whole DSA circus is more comical, really. The fact that Jackson went up to the podium and asked “Comrade” for a “quick point of personal privilege”, referred to himself as “He/Him”, told the audience that he was triggered by “sensory overload” or the fact that a person was triggered by Jackson’s “improper” (proper) use of gender pronouns! These are the so-called “cool kids”, folks. These are the people some of our young adults are totally on board with voting for. The triggered by the triggering political landscape and the triggering human population. They can’t stop being offended and triggered at just about everything.
In that spirit, I'll even let a pundit with probably little experience as a circus impresario refer to this virtue-signalling show as a circus.

Reason's Robby Soave pays the convention a back-handed compliment.  "Of all the various factions of progressive activism, the DSA is by far the most organized, and the least likely to be derailed by culturally woke signaling."  Yes, contrasted with a Student Affairs event, but they still deserve to be undermined with mockery.  Stephen "Vodka Pundit" Green does, and he's not as ready as Mr Soave is to credit them with anything.  "The good news is, they'll be too busy arguing about genderless language, make-believe personal pronouns, and the importance of keeping the chatter to a minimum to actually wage a revolution."

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