Regular readers know the drill.  "I tend to cringe whenever I read corporate-speak that attempts to sugar-coat an abuse as an improvement."  (Generally, there's some wordnoise that translates as "to provide better service, we're offering fewer options and raising prices."  Or maybe it's gutting the institutional memory.)

In "Take a Ride on the Amtrak Spin Train," Craig "Amtrak in the Heartland" Sanders says Enough!
Amtrak, like any other company, is seeking to portray what customers might see as a negative as actually being a positive.

So rather than speak about cost cutting and reducing labor expenses, it instead frames the changes as serving the needs of its passengers without saying what those are.

The news release follows standard public relations practice of focusing on something that is, arguably, of value to a customer while avoiding calling attention to changes that take away something else of value.

It is a standard public relations marketing strategy if you are taking something away to instead focus on something of value you are offering instead.
As a working hypothesis, I offer, Businesses pull this crap because they think they can get away with it.

There's an opportunity for research here:  Can they?

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