And he left that happy party.
Neither did he leave them slowly,
With the calm deliberation,
The intense deliberation
Which photographers aspire to:
But he left them in a hurry,
Left them in a mighty hurry
Vowing that he would not stand it.
Hurriedly he packed his boxes;
Hurriedly the porter trundled
On a barrow all his boxes;
Hurriedly he took his ticket;
Hurriedly the train received him;
Thus departed Hiawatha.
I was under the impression that Hiawatha was the train. The above, however, is from a Lewis Carroll send-up of Song of Hiawatha that Milt's File pointed to, as part of a generally whimsical collection of posts.

Something there is about those tom-tom rhythm epics that inspires parody, I've seen another one that begins

Once I read the Kalevala
Read the ancient Finnish epic
And a mighty wasted time that all was ...

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