PATE DE CITY COUNCIL. As Charlie Sykes puts it, a blow against the nanny state.

The alderman whom Mayor Daley derisively calls Joe "Foie Gras" Moore (49th) now knows how the geese and ducks feel.

Two years after the City Council banned the liver delicacy made by jamming a steel pipe down a bird’s esophagus, Daley essentially did the same to Moore on the City Council floor.

Like father, like son, as the balance of the article, and the honking from the barnyard, indicate.

Perhaps the urgency is to obtain the French vote for the 2016 Olympics. One wonders about the wisdom of securing this prize, possible expansion of the Hiawatha line and use of Huskie Stadium for play-in football notwithstanding. A British reader recommends this Guardian article that characterizes the London Olympics as a "financial black hole."

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