I DON'T HAVE TO MAKE THINGS UP. Suit: College Lowered Standards For Revenue.
In an effort to boost tuition revenues, a State University of New York campus lowered admissions and retention standards to admit unqualified – predominately black – applicants who had little chance of graduating, according to a lawsuit filed by a former dean.
The article identifies today's Cold Spring Shops Righteous Professor.

Thomas Cronin, a physics professor, responded to [provost Anne] Myers’s December 2008 e-mail by labeling the practices “corrupt” and even possibly “criminal."

“The list of academically and morally corrupt practices that ensue from our inability to adhere to our own standards is rather long,” he wrote. “One of our worst offenses is that we admit, and re-admit students absolutely unqualified and absolutely incapable of achieving a college degree. Many go into debt or cause their families to go into debt into [sic] order to attempt a college degree. This is an absolutely corrupt practice and it may be criminal. If we have done this to even one student, then we are guilty of a low form of corruption."

I like that formulation. Access-assessment-remediation-retention is corruption, indeed.

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