PATIENCE REWARDED.  The Packer Way requires patience.
For most of the league, the quick fix is the model. Most of the teams in the league delude themselves into believing they’re one player away from the Super Bowl. Those teams spend each offseason chasing that one player. It’s the mistake the Jaguars made; now they’re paying the price.

The smart teams think only in terms of draft and develop. They don’t think in terms of one player, they think in terms of an entire roster.
It does take time. Brett Favre chose to return for the 2007 season because he recognized a very talented young team.  That team came within an overtime of reaching the Super Bowl.
“You can be a good drafting team but you have to have a good teaching team. You have to have a willingness to work with young players. It was obvious at the end of the year that they had a lot of young people on the field in what is the defining game of our profession,” [Jacksonville general manager Gene] Smith said of the Packers.

“If you have the draft-develop philosophy, you have to have patience. (The Packers are) willing to let young people grow. I thought it was wonderful to see two teams (in the Super Bowl) with the same philosophy. I think that’s the winning way,” Smith added.
One part of "not going for the quick fix" was accepting Mr Favre's first retirement, then standing firm with successor quarterback Aaron Rodgers.
The key to that way is being able to stand strong in the face of defeat. Few teams possess that inner strength. They question themselves and their pace of development. They take the short cut and that’s when they get lost.
Losing season and out of the playoffs in 2008, one-and-done in overtime after the 2009 season, now another Lombardi Trophy.

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