Jeff Shaara's Western Campaign trilogy continues with A Chain of Thunder:  A Novel of the Siege of Vicksburg.  I found this book at one of those independent booksellers that sells real books in Brunswick, and finished reading it before the Lake Shore tied up in Chicago.  Book Review No. 15 has little to elaborate on last year's review of A Blaze of Glory.  Mr Shaara begins his story with the famous Vicksburg cotillion that was disrupted by Admiral Porter running transports past the Vicksburg fortifications.  Thus the reader gets little apart from brief recollections of the frustrations Gens Grant and Sherman encountered in the year between Shiloh and that April evening.  Some of those were imposed by superior officers all the way back to Washington, and some of them imposed by the defense.  During that year, though, the civilians of Vicksburg simply went about their business, not much potential for character development.  The way in which Union forces bypassed Vicksburg to the west in order to invest Jackson from the southwest and besiege Vicksburg involved sufficient adventures, and failures of Rebel command made the outcome evident to all but the most optimistic.

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