Here I had hoped to close out the year with lighter, more cheerful fare, and yet even the football gods work against me. Packers must move on from Dom Capers.
Receivers, tight ends and running backs running free, defensive linemen jumping offside, and maybe the worst of all, quarterback Cam Newton caught on television telling linebacker Clay Matthews before the snap, “You’ve been watching film, huh? Watch this.”

“This” turned out to be Newton throwing to halfback Christian McCaffrey running uncovered over the middle for an easy touchdown while the Packers bungled a coverage they had worked on during the week.

The die is cast and McCarthy has no choice but to fire Capers and begin searching for someone who can pull together the talent the Packers have on defense.
With the Philadelphia Eagles and Minnesota Vikings riding strong defenses and replacement quarterbacks into the playoffs, and the Chicago Bears sweeping their games with the AFL teams they played this year, the discontent is only going to grow.  I'll hold off on any more football postings until next year.

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