At the start of this week, Meet The Press featured another of its interviews with Democratic presidential hopefuls.  It being Meet The Press, of course there had to be a section with Chuck Todd acting like a truculent chipmunk with a spokesman for the Republican administration, this day's designated punching bag being secretary of state Mike Pompeo.  Later came the Democratic hopeful, the Cherokee emissary to the Wampanoag Nation, otherwise known as Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren.  Predictably, she got leading questions and lots of opportunity to talk.  Here is the state of presidential politics these days.  Just before her segment ended, we heard this.
You know what I'll do on day one as president? I'll defend the Affordable Care Act against the sabotage of the Trump administration, and I'll reduce the cost of prescription drugs that have been jacked up by the pharmaceutical industry. I'll reduce the cost of EpiPens and insulin, and HIV/AIDS drugs. The president has the authority to do that all by herself, doesn't need Congress. And that's what I'm going to do.
That's nice, Senator.  Do you also have the authority to "reduce the cost" of bananas, in order that middle-schoolers enjoy access to affordable smoothies?  Do you also have the authority to "reduce the cost" of batteries, in order that aging baby-boomers enjoy access to affordable hearing aids and ultra-radiant tablet screens?  How much additional authority do you expect to enjoy?

Once, and just once, I'd like to see one of these public affairs shows where the interviewer asks an aspirant to national office, "How much additional authority do you expect to exercise?" and "What passages in the Federal Constitution give you this authority?"  Mr Todd simply wraps up the interview and brings on the panel.

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