SENDING THE WRONG SIGNALS. Invisible Adjunct notes without approval the use of adjunct faculty to teach core courses the tenure-track research faculty would prefer not to teach. She's onto something that sheds light on how far away the great day when our schools educate our children as well as the Pentagon trains our soldiers. (That was an InstaPundit store item years ago; I don't see an InstaPundit store on the site at the moment.) Specifically, think about the recruit's first contact with the armed services: a lifer non-commissioned officer who isn't going to put up with a lot of nonsense, and who has savvy enough to recognize which recruits are in trouble and which recruits ought to be in trouble, most of the time. A novice, or somebody working several jobs, or somebody thinking about how to land one of those research jobs, just isn't the same, and distinguishing the confused question from the sophisticated, if not well posed question is something that comes with practice -- and it helps to have opportunity for questions, something the cattle-call lecture hall the temporary employee often gets as means of production may not have.

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