TIME TO DEVELOP SOME RIGHT OF WAY RULES. Summer version of an old joke: I went to the boxing match and a NASCAR race broke out. What happened?
Stewart powered around the outside of Marlin and then dived down again. As Kahne shifted to fourth gear, he hesitated slightly to keep from spinning. Stewart ran into the back of Kahne's car, which turned left and then right and into the wall, setting off an eight-car tangle.

Doesn't he have to establish mast abeam before he can force the overtaken yacht to alter course? Not on the oval.
NASCAR considered the bump between Stewart and Kahne a racing incident, series spokesman Herb Branham said, meaning Stewart would not be punished.

"It was my fault I ran into him, but I don't know why he backed up, I don't know what caused him to check up," Stewart said. "It could have tore us up easier than it tore him up in all reality, so it's not something I was expecting by any means."

No provisions for hard luffs in the rules either, evidently.

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