TWO SPORTS GIANTS, GONE. Milwaukee Brewer general manager Harry Dalton, who put together Bambi's Bombers and Harvey's Wallbangers, dead at 77. Mr Dalton did the Cardinals out of Ted Simmons, Pete Vuckovich, and Rollie Fingers. St. Louis might have repaid the favor by winning the Series...

Also crossing the final summit, Reggie "The One, The Only, The Crusher" Lisowski, who may have wrestled in the world's first cage match. Late in his career Jesse Ventura and Hulk Hogan were making their debuts. And yes, this is the wrestler The Novas sang "You do da eye-gouge, you turkey-neck" about.
In 1985, a reporter asked The Crusher why he was so popular in Milwaukee. "I think the working people identify with me, because years ago I worked when I wrestled, too. I worked in a packing house. I worked at Ladish, Drop Forge, Cudahy Packing House. I was a bricklayer. But finally, I got away from punching the clock," he said.
And read and understand this, turkey-necks!
"People make a joke out of it," he said of wrestling. "But it wasn't a joke to me. It was a living."
The world is a little less colorful tonight.

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