THE RITUALS OF SUMMER. The old grill was also worn out. For just in excess of $10 including sales tax, I found one with somewhat more robust legs (the parts of the old one that went first.)

Some assembly required.

This blister pack looks a bit wasteful compared to the usual plastic bag of components, but each blister is labeled with the part letter, and some of the wing-nut, lock-washer, and machine-screw assemblies were packaged together. That's really thoughtful.

After about 15 minutes of assembly, and checking the instructions, it's ready to go. Load the charcoal, plug in the electro-igniter, do 30 minutes of reading.

The bratwursts come from a butcher shop in Elburn that won the National Grand Championship for bratwursts a few years ago.

You're looking at the double brat, modified Southeastern Wisconsin style. I butter the roll and toast it for two or three minutes, then serve it with heated sauerkraut and brown mustard (none of that phony imitation yellow stuff at my house ... go to a Chicago dog store for that.)

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