BEER. BAR-TIME. BRUSH-OFF. What happens next is not amusing.

Brian Mulder, freshman business administration major, said that, after a party Thursday night, he and some friends returned to his room in Stevenson by around 1 a.m.

Mulder said around 3:20 a.m., he and friend freshman Kevin Anderson stepped outside for a cigarette. At this time, the two saw a young woman walking toward Stevenson, allegedly followed by Zach Isaacman, 22, of Buffalo Grove.

“It looked like she was nervous or something,” Mulder said.

The young woman entered Stevenson and closed the door behind her, effectively locking Isaacman out.

Mulder said Isaacman approached Stevenson and motioned to be let in.

Mulder, president of the Stevenson North Hall Council, asked Isaacman if he lived in Stevenson, and Isaacman revealed he lived on Greek Row.

Mulder told Isaacman to return home, as there “was nothing there for him” at Stevenson.

Mr Mulder continues to recover at home.

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