RETURNING TO THE FOX RIVER. A number of interurbans from the Aurora Elgin and Fox River and Chicago Aurora and Elgin electric lines that were preserved at the Columbia Park and Southwestern trolley museum and mobile home park rapid transit system have been repatriated. The Illinois Railway Museum will be receiving two wood cars, 36 and 319, a Pullman steel car, 409, and two St. Louis curved-side postwar cars, 451 and 460 (the first and last of that series.) The museum will be able to operate two four-car Roarin' Elgin trains, one in wood, and one in steel. The Fox River Trolley Museum will receive another St. Louis, 458, as well as a car returning to its home rails, 304, a car that later served the Shaker Heights Rapid Transit, from where it was sold to Columbia Park.

Both museums will welcome your cash contributions, as moving these cars and returning them to good running order doesn't happen by magic.

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