LIFE AFTER COLLEGE IS THE REVENGE OF THE NERDS.  Astronaut Bernard Harris speaks truth to high schoolers.
Harris says many youngsters don’t have voices of encouragement in their lives.“I’m here to remind you that geeks—the people with knowledge and education—rule the world,” Harris tells the Baton Rouge students. “If someone teases you about being smart, look them in the eye and say, ‘Someday, you’re going to be working for me.’”
His words had some effect on at least one student.
Listening in the auditorium is eighth-grader Tanayri Rodriguez, who afterward says her encounter with Harris has her rethinking her career plan to work in a hair salon.  “Maybe a marine biologist!” she says. “I’d like to go down to the bottom of the ocean and see if I can find something new there.”
It's likely that she will, should she persevere.  We have better maps of the back side of the Moon than we have of the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

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