When a pedestrian commits a fatal act of railway trespass, passengers are trespassed against.

Saturday morning, the radio traffic reports indicated that the last two Metra Geneva Sub trains never made it to Elburn late Friday or early Saturday.  A trespasser had a close encounter with a freight train near the Geneva Depot.  The article does not report on bus service in substitution.  The last runs from Chicago are sparsely ridden west of Wheaton and nearly empty west of Geneva.  Perhaps the taxi operators got some business.

Earlier that Friday, a Wauwatosa woman trespassed in front of a Hiawatha in Caledonia.
None of the 145 passengers and crew members aboard the train was injured and passengers were taken to their destinations on buses after a delay of almost three hours, [Amtrak source Vernae] Graham said.

Buses also were dispatched to pick up passengers booked on two subsequent trains from Milwaukee.
Three hours seems to be the norm for investigations by the police and the coroner in fatal occurrences of railway trespass.  I'm sure the authorities have good excuses reasons for delaying passengers and train crews to this extent, never mind the missed connections passengers might suffer because of officialdom's wishes.

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