It's easier, dear reader, to keep current with the Opposition's calling out of Senator Present, er, President Obama, by going to the usual sources.  It's what Our President's defenders in the entertainment business are doing that's telling.  Margery Eagan -- apparently sympathetic to the Democrats -- sees something different at MSNBC.
You know the worm has turned when even MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow hold their noses at the stench from Barack Obama’s scandals — when so many stories from the so-called liberal press now describe the erstwhile Messiah as “aloof,” “arrogant” and “holier than thou.”
The best Mr Matthews could do this evening, just before I switched to the hockey game, was suggest that Senator Present acted decisively, for once, discharging the acting Commissioner of Internal Revenue (who may or may not have accelerated the date at which he decided to stop acting).

The Chicago Black Hawks took the first game from the Detroit Red Wings, who have played 800 games with the Hawks since 1926, and who will now require close to 300 years to play the next 800, under the screwy conference-heavy scheduling the National Hockey League uses.  Ten games with Nashville or Colorado, and two each with Boston or Detroit, let alone Montreal?  I suppose that's a first-world problem, and the third-world politics, otherwise, business as usual in Chicago, are more important.

It may also be significant that Jon Stewart, providing the heavy sarcasm for younger voters who might not get the more subtle sarcasm of their indoctrinators area studies professors, is also breaking bad on Our President.

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