In recognition of V-J Day, here is a transcript of President Franklin Roosevelt's June 5, 1944 fireside chat.

You think Hillary's cough brought out the gossip-mongers?  Mr Roosevelt's first fireside chat of 1944 is this one, which is announcing the liberation of Rome.  "One up and two to go!"

Read on, and Mr Roosevelt is actually letting his listeners in on something.
Our victory comes at an excellent time, while our Allied forces are poised for another strike at western Europe -- and while the armies of other Nazi soldiers nervously await our assault. And in the meantime our gallant Russian Allies continue to make their power felt more and more.
"Poised" is not a state secret.  "Airborne" (as the first units of OVERLORD were) still was.  But still there was the deception that the coup de main was headed for Calais.  All the same, there was work to be done.
Germany has not yet been driven to surrender. Germany has not yet been driven to the point where she will be unable to recommence world conquest a generation hence.

Therefore, the victory still lies some distance ahead. That distance will be covered in due time -- have no fear of that. But it will be tough and it will be costly, as I have told you many, many times.
Tough enough that Genl Eisenhower had in his pocket the statement announcing a withdrawal of OVERLORD forces, a statement he never had to issue.

Then comes a passage that might be anticipating the Marshall Plan, as well as stating principles that perhaps the managers of the current actions against Jihadistan might study to some benefit.
Our troops have found starvation, malnutrition, disease, a deteriorating education and lowered public health -- all by-products of the Fascist misrule.

The task of the Allies in occupation has been stupendous. We have had to start at the very bottom, assisting local governments to reform on democratic lines. We have had to give them bread to replace that which was stolen out of their mouths by the Germans. We have had to make it possible for the Italians to raise and use their own local crops. We have to help them cleanse their schools of Fascist trappings.

I think the American people as a whole approve the salvage of these human beings, who are only now learning to walk in a new atmosphere of freedom.

Some of us may let our thoughts run to the financial cost of it. Essentially it is what we can call a form of relief. And at the same time, we hope that this relief will be an investment for the future -- an investment that will pay dividends by eliminating Fascism, by (and) ending any Italian desires to start another war of aggression in the future. And that means that they are dividends which justify such an investment, because they are additional supports for world peace.

The Italian people are capable of self-government. We do not lose sight of their virtues as a peace-loving nation.
Thus, nation-building might not have been an issue then in the same way as it might be now-a-days.

Toward the end comes a passage that contemporary thought leaders might contemplate.
Italians have come by the millions into (to) the United States. They have been welcomed, they have prospered, they have become good citizens, community and governmental leaders. They are not Italian-Americans. They are Americans -- Americans of Italian descent.

The Italians have gone in great numbers to the other Americas -- Brazil and the Argentine, for example -- hundreds and hundreds of thousands of them. They have gone (and) to many other nations in every continent of the world, giving of their industry and their talents, and achieving success and the comfort of good living, and good citizenship.
The melting pot, not the fruit salad.

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